Sunday, June 26, 2011

Goals (realistic ones)

This is probably t.m.i. for a blog, but I thought maybe it would inspire you to make your own list.  Plus, unless I put a list someplace where I can't really change it, I'm going to keep cheating myself out of a productive summer.  Here are some goals I'd like to accomplish before mid-August.  Some are more precise (and thus more practical) than others, but I feel that they are all important in different ways.

*Cultivate a spirit of greater gentleness and peace, even in moments when I need to be firm.  I want to be a parent (and spouse and teacher) who can transcend the anxiety of the present moment and think more about the person I'm addressing than my own frustration.  I'm pretty sure Mary and my own patroness Bl. Margaret of Costello were experts at this, so I pray that they'll guide me through this process.

*Find ways of investing in my relationship with my husband in the evenings and on his days off more than just "chilling" near each other but not really together.
*Be creative about the ways James and I play together.  I know it excites both of us to try new things and explore new areas.

*Have the dishes clean before bed every night except Sunday.  (It's really tempting to just toss some things in the dishwasher and leave the hand-washing for later!  I'd cook through half the day as happy as a lark, but dishes are definitely within the realm of sanctification for me.)
*Practice simplicity and really think about how much we need something before I buy it.

*Finish at least two sewing projects.
*Discipline myself to exercise (at least a long walk) a minimum of 3 times a week.  (I know, that sounds like nothing, but right now it feels pretty heroic).
*Schedule painting my deck and kitchen and waxing our cars into our calendar and do it!
*Go to an hour of adoration once a month.  (Again, learning to be a mom has totally changed my ideas of what I'm capable of committing to in nearly every area of my life.)



Christy said...

Some of those are just what I need to work on too! Walking first thing in the morning with the boys has been working well for me here lately, if that is any help. Look forward to catching up with you soon!

Christy said...

PS I feel the saaaaame way about dishes.........

Niki MacD said...

I second the dishes...they are the bane of my existence ;) Can I steal your other goals for this summer, too? =P Juggling the vocation as wife and mother, work, and life in general is definitely something I can always improve upon!! Hope you guys are doing well, we should catch up sometime!

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